Talent Management


Talent Management

"Hrweb" Platform Realizes Your Strategies to Attract New Talent to Your Firm and Retain Them

Hrweb digitalizes the whole process from recruitment to termination, increases employee efficiency and offers an effective platform for strategic management for human resources managers.
Starting with the placement of the right candidate for the most suitable position, the process fully supports the inclusion of competent and happy employees in line with the corporate strategy to the work force. "Talent Management" supports employee satisfaction and organizational success, and increases engagement through correct assessment of employees.


  • The right time, the right position, the right candidate
  • Creating candidate pool
  • Candidates log in the system and update their data
  • Candidate interview planning by sending interview invitations to managers and Outlook integration
  • Follow-up of candidate interviews
  • Effective assessment through online examinations
  • Personality type tests and foreign language examinations
  • Complete management and follow-up of the recruitment process (Onboarding)
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Recruitment and Onboarding

Your employees are the most important assets of your company…
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Performance Management

  • Planning, monitoring and assessing strategic organization targets
  • Employee talent management for employee satisfaction and organizational success
  • Competency- and target-based performance evaluation
  • Group-based competency sets with work family structure
  • Period- and project-based performance process management
  • Calibration process management
  • Development planning based on performance results

Organizational People Review and Succession

  • Continuous management of key positions by strategic succession
  • Succession planning for key positions
  • 9-box talent management
  • Emergency plans

Training Management

  • Increased employee performance and competencies developed with training management
  • Most suitable training programs for the employees with detailed training catalog and the association between training and competency
  • Training sets with position-training matching
  • Tracking the training programs of employees during the year through training calendars
  • Employee development analysis with examination follow-up
  • Training and trainer assessment forms
  • Training and leave conflict alerts

Career and Development Management

  • Alignment of the company targets with employee targets
  • Development planning with career mapping
  • Comparison between the position requirements and the competencies of the employee
  • Matching the right position with the right employee
  • Employee motivation and targeted development plans with mentorship
  • Employee development with instant feedback
  • Succession planning
  • Meeting organizations and assessment surveys

Polyvalence Information and Skill Management

  • Measurable assessment for the blue-collar staff
  • Knowledge and skill assessment
  • Skill pools
  • Skill degree-training matching
  • Skill assessments

Single Platform for All Talent Management Processes

Scientific studies highlight the importance of hiring and retaining high-potential employees to strengthen the brand of the employer. During this process, the importance of focusing on learning, leadership development, mobility, rewards, recognition and competency systems is also highlighted.

For this reason, the primary strategy of the Hrweb application is to enable managing all competency management processes through this platform.

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