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We enrich your experience in your digital transformation journey with our effective and integrated solutions offered by our partnerships.

Arneca Technology offers tailored solutions to many industries, especially telecommunications, finance, retail and FMCG. Its Internal Communication Platform enables companies to establish an interactive, shared and sustainable communication with their employees while the Event App supports companies to have an interactive communication with the participants before, during and after the event.

Since 2015, GOOINN has been designing in-house entrepreneurship processes for many large-scale companies in Turkey and around the world, bringing entrepreneurship competence to all employees and organizational culture. Thus, companies strengthen their position and power in the market by developing new business models within or outside the markets in which they exist. It launched Bubble Works Podcast Media in 2021 and its second startup Inodash in 2022.

HRPeak is an online assessment platform that generates technology-based HR solutions. HRPeak as one of the leading companies in the HR industry, revealed by the innovative and experienced software and academy team, is the first digital platform that offers various assessment tools.

Masraff is an AI-based platform that digitalizes expense management and approval processes for companies. It ensures that expense management is carried out in accordance with company policies and regulations, and allows for easy integration and transfer of data to ERP systems.

Vidobu offers end-to-end training solutions that your company needs. Vidobu Training Catalogue which is prepared by experts and academic staff, offers more than 630 courses and more than 11,000 videos.

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