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Since 2002, Hrweb helps companies to digitalize human resources processes with it's cloud-based technology.

Supports all Human Resources Management Processes from recruitment to termination.

User Friendly Interface

Hrweb application and the portal interface aim at offering a unique user experience with its user interface supporting new trends.

Thanks to its easy-to-use design, users may adapt to the application in a very short time, and thanks to the reminders, approval processes and dashboards, they may fully perform their actions rapidly.

Turkish and English Language Support

Hrweb is available in Turkish and English language options to support the employees of firms both located in Turkey and abroad.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

While using Hrweb, you can benefit from our Robotic Process Automation services. By assigning software robots to perform your defined, continuously repeated and high-volume tasks, you may benefit from an error-free, low-cost labor and enable an increase in motivation of your teams as they deal with value added tasks.

You can benefit from robotic software in many different fields such as recruitment, termination, generating e-notification, incentive calculations, batch processes in contract changes and employee information, modifications in training and health records, creating job vacancies and alerts.

Modular Structure

Flexible and Modular Structure

Hrweb enables buyers to manage their human resources and payrolling processes in line with their corporate standards thanks to the flexible structure and rich capabilities it offers.

Cloud Computing

Supported with cloud computing technology, Hrweb ensures quick and easy use for firms.


Advanced Reporting And Analysis Feature

Hrweb offers an easy to use and flexible structure, where you can review your human resources and payrolling process with reporting and analysis features.

There are hundreds of standard reports prepared based on the needs of human resources managers. Advanced reporting supports firms in making the right recruitment decisions, recruitment planning, employee performance evaluation, budgeting, wage analysis and reporting, tracking managers' business metrics with statistical analyses and better decision making processes. Furthermore, dashboards enable managers to track important information instantly.

Mobile Compatibility

Thanks to mobile compatibility, your employees may access to the following functions and have continuous access anywhere and anytime. Supporting the new generation usage habits, Hrweb helps your employees adopt your human resources policies quickly and easily.

  • Viewing Payroll
  • Form approval and access to request forms
  • Leave and overtime transactions
  • Training follow-up
  • Access to registry and contact information
  • Analyses and graphics
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