Payroll and Labor Management

Increased Employee Efficiency with New Generation Technologies

Hrweb offers solutions with new generation technologies to firms aiming at enabling and increasing employee efficiency. Thanks to wide range of functions and flexibility, it meets the requirements of firms operating in different industries. Along with corporate and continuous services, Hrweb ensures the security of your data thanks to the security policies and standards it supports. With Payroll and Labor Management, Hrweb makes it possible to transfer all legal processes related with employees, labor plans, and annual accrual procedures such as compensation and budget to the digital platform.

You can perform the accrual procedures fast, error-free and fully compliant with the legislation through Hrweb payroll. While Hrweb Payroll solution draws attention with its competency; it also supports legal legislations applied in different industries and plays a role in reducing your operational workload via robotic software. Thus, it creates more time for firms for strategic human resources management.

Along with its easy and flexible structure, Hrweb saves time for human resources users with its customized screens enabling batch data entry. Furthermore, new generation screen design enables both employees and managers adopt the application easily.

Advanced analyses offer support to managers for employee happiness and performance.


Organization and Employee Management

  • Fast and easy data entry
  • Guiding screens
  • Retrospective follow-up with date-based record feature
  • Alerts and reminder notifications with date check
  • Easy and flexible organization structures
  • Department and position-based organizational charts
  • Demographic analyses
  • Labor change analyses
  • Time saving with batch data entry
  • Mobile access to registry information
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  • Calculations customized for firms thanks to parametric structure
  • R&D Payroll
  • Technocity Payroll
  • Minimization of data entry errors with control reports
  • Workplace-free calculation for distributed organizational structures
  • Limitless extra earning and special deduction identification
  • Execution proceedings
  • Follow-up of insurance with employer's contribution
  • Opportunity to view the payroll via mobile application

Integration with accounting applications, PDKS (Staff Attendance Control System) and SSI


Optimum Labor and Minimum Error

Leave Management

Leave Management

  • Complete labor planning with leave requests, approval flow, planning and follow-up
  • Tracking the leaves entitled, remaining leaves, relation between severance and leave
  • Tracking the shifts, suspended leaves and free time
  • Leave reports
  • Flexibility in requesting, planning and tracking leaves anywhere, anytime thanks to mobile application

Employee and Salary Budgets

  • Budget simulations by employee, workplace, cost center, organization and staff
  • Comparisons of planned and actual budgets with versions
  • Budgeting compliant with the targets thanks to planning and analyses

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Customized screens for doctors and OHAS specialists
  • Legal legislation support
  • Reminders, history and statistical information
  • Maintaining statistics of employee accident information
  • Follow-up of labor loss
  • Preparing accident notification form

Administrative Affairs

  • Fixtures and vehicle pools
  • Debit tracking
  • Insurance tracking
  • Termination notifications
  • Cost tracking of rented vehicles
  • Employee debit tracking with history
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