Time Stamp

Hrweb Time Stamp enhances legal assurance of both your company and employees. This helps to increase the legal security for all parties involved.

What is Time Stamp?

Time stamp is an electronic marker that officially proves the occurrence of transactions in an electronic environment at a specific date and time. It is used to determine the creation, modification, or transmission time of specific data. This marker indicates when a document or data was created or modified, providing crucial information about the validity, integrity, and accuracy of the data.


What are the Benefits of of a Time Stamp?

  • Ensures the accuracy and integrity of data.
  • Increases traceability and auditability of data.
  • Strengthens legal validity of documents.
  • Serves as evidence in legal processes.
  • Enhances reliability and integrity standards.
  • Prevents paper waste.
Increase legal assurance of your company and prevent paper waste
with Time Stamp!
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