Payrolling Service


Risk-Free, Secure, Timely, Error-Free and Low-Cost Payrolling Service

As SabancıDx, we support you with our expert team of consultants, our information security infrastructure and standards, and our "Payrolling Service" we offer through our Hrweb Application.

Why Payrolling Service?

  • Cost advantage
  • Requirement of knowledge on legislation
  • Tracking up-to-date information
  • Requirement of specialty
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SabancıDx Payroll Service Advantages

payrolling payrolling

Why Payrolling Service?

  • Risk-Free
  • Secure
  • Timely
  • Error-Free
  • Low-Cost


  • Expert Payroll Consultants
  • Remote Working Method

SabancıDx Product Action

Payrolling outsourcing services customized in line with the demands of our customers

With our Expert PAYROLL Consultants;

  • Tracking and reporting the employee information
  • Updated personnel information including recruitment and termination processes
  • Monthly payrolls
  • Payroll delivery to employees
  • SSI system approval after the company’s approval and SSI declarations
  • Termination payroll including severance and notice pay calculations
  • Monthly labor schedule check
  • System approval of İşkur schedules
  • Sending order of payment to bank for salary payments
  • Preparing accounting files for ERP systems based on cost centers
  • Integration with PDKS (Staff Attendance Control System)
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