Increase Employee Experience with Digital Transformation in HR

Hrweb offers solutions with new generation technologies to firms aiming at enabling and increasing employee efficiency. Thanks to wide range of functions and flexibility, it meets the requirements of firms operating in different industries.

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Hrweb digitalizes the whole process from recruitment to termination, increases employee efficiency and offers an effective platform for strategic management for human resources managers.

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As business processes, ways of doing business and employee expectations change in the digitalizing world, Hrweb supports firms in adapting to these changes. Today, it is very important to gain and retain the talent. Hrweb enables efficiency in human resources management offering rich functionality to support talent management process.

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SabancıDx SSI Incentive Service requires complex and time-consuming calculations. Combining its expertise in payroll with the experience in application development and RPA, SabancıDx has digitalized the highly demanding calculation process.

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Increased Employee Engagement in HR Processes with Digital Employee Experience







Have You Calculated Your Salary?

Analysis and Reporting

Hrweb offers an easy to use and flexible structure, where you can review your human resources and payrolling processes with reporting and analysis features. Advanced reporting supports firms in making the right recruitment decisions, recruitment planning, employee performance evaluation, budgeting, wage analysis and reporting, tracking managers' business metrics with statistical analyses and better decision making processes.

New Generation Usage Habits

Thanks to mobile compatibility, your employees may access to various functions and have continuous access anywhere and anytime. Supporting the new generation usage habits, Hrweb helps your employees adopt your human resources policies quickly and easily.

Digitalizing Human Resources

Hrweb has been developed to meet the human resources processes evolving as the world digitalizes, the ways of doing business and the employee expectations, and was chosen as "one of the top 10 human resources technology providers in Europe" by HRTech in 2018.

Robotic Process Automation Support

You can benefit from Robotic Process Automation service in many different fields such as recruitment, termination, generating e-notification, incentive calculations, batch processes in contract changes and employee information, modifications in training and health records, creating job vacancies and alerts.

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