Incentive Management


Incentive Management

SabancıDx SSI Incentive Service requires complex and time-consuming calculations. Combining its expertise in payroll with the experience in application development and RPA, SabancıDx has digitalized the highly demanding calculation process.

Advantages of SabancıDx Incentive Applications

SabancıDx suggests you the employees with the highest amount of wage and premium who may benefit from the incentive with the maximum incentive advantage. It reminds you every employee who can benefit from the incentive and informs you accordingly. In addition, it suggests you the most advantageous incentives for your employees who may benefit from different incentives.


Operational errors in manual calculations are eliminated.

Data Security

Your password and user information is saved in Hrweb as encrypted. Once the data is transferred to the system, they can no longer be viewed.


You do not need to follow up the changes in the legislation. SabancıDx offers you the latest implementation.

Time Saving

Your HR employees save time for other tasks.

No Need for Incentive Consultancy Service

Thanks to the application, you do not need to receive consultancy for incentive calculations.

Robotic Software

Inquires and transfers the data in the SSI system without any error. It offers the capability to easily increase the capacity when there is a need for high volume of inquiries.

You can maximize the benefit
from the SSI incentives with Hrweb!
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How to Benefit from SabancıDx SSI Incentive Applications?

Each organization utilizing Hrweb Payroll or another solution can benefit from our SabancıDx SSI Incentive application.

Thanks to the application, your human resources department can easily perform their calculation, reporting and notification operations. You can outsource this operation by receiving service from SabancıDx consultants.

Supported SSI Incentive Calculations

  • "6645" On-the-job Training
  • "6111" 4447 Provisional 10th Article
  • "17103" 4447 Provisional 19th Article, Manufacturing and Information Industries
  • "27103" 4447 Provisional 19th Article, Other Industries
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