Hr - Web

The human resources application HR-WEB is a payroll and HR system providing end-to-end service for organizations of all sizes and industries. The application has been developed by BIMSA utilising the company’s 40 years of experience in information technologies.

HR-WEB enables management of Human Resources effectively by all administrative levels of the organization and allows each unit to control their own performance.  Through dynamic query, employees can easily produce their own reports and use the reports presented in a chart form.

HR-WEB is based on a portal available to all of the users. The self-service portal within the system differentiates HR-WEB from similar human resource applications. The system provides transparency in human resources so that both the enterprises and their staff can access to personal information. The managers can access the important information about the staff from a single point through the portal and can make the right decisions easily on issues such as performance, promotion and premium.  The modular structure allows the enterprises to benefit from the portal only in the desired area.

HR-WEB modules

·         HR Module

·         Payroll Module

·         Portal Module