About Us

SabancıDx was founded in 1975 as an affiliate of Sabanci Holding and has become one of the leading information technology companies in Turkey with its 40 years of experience. The company aims to meet medium and large-scale companies’ IT needs including application and business consulting, tailored enterprise solutions, operation, technical services, hardware and software and it is committed to offer the "most suitable" solutions to be delivered with the "highest" quality. 

SabancıDx develops and adapts applications in various hardware and software platforms thanks to its experienced and expert staff. The company’s main expertise areas include production, finance, human resources, supply chain management, industrial automation software, customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, business intelligence, portal management and decision support systems. The company uses state-of-the-art information technologies to develop its products and services to offer a competitive edge to its customers in e-business solutions, application development, SAP consulting, mobile applications, document management, service-oriented architecture technology, server operation and hosting.

SabancıDx benefits its customers by helping them save time and costs as well as creating a competitive advantage while integrating the benefits of technology to business processes. The services include cloud-based technologies such as Edoksis which enables the integration of e-invoice, e-archive and e-book; Pratis electronic purchasing platform and HR-Web software which is the human resources and payroll management platform each produced by in-house Turkish engineers. The ease of use and rapid integration capabilities of these software enable successful integration of technologies and business processes of companies.

The company is committed to its mission of "being a reliable business partner in business solutions" and focuses on meeting the needs of its customers in today’s and tomorrow’s business technologies.