Payroll transactions are one of the most critical processes for Human Resources professionals. With the increase of specialization in a developing and globalizing world, payroll transactions are handed over to specialized expert companies. Performance of payroll transactions by specialists minimizes potential legal risks and saves time. At Bimsa, we aim to duly perform the payrolling transactions of our partners correctly and on time.

The service scope is basically as follows;

·              Registration of personal information of the personnel to the Hr-Web system and keeping the information up-to-date,

·              Preparation of monthly wage payrolls of company employees in compliance with data from the company,

·              Delivery of employee wage payrolls through e-mail,

·              Preparation and approval of SSI information (Date of Employment, Date of Termination and E-Statement) from the system and notification of customer companies,

·              Approval of rest reports in the SSI system,

·              Performance of personnel termination transactions, performance of calculations such as severance pay and notice pay and preparation of termination payroll,

·              Checking Monthly Labor Force Schedules and approval of Employment Agency schedules from the system,

·              Sending payment file to the bank for wage payments.