Human Resources Applications

Training Information

This is the section used for monitoring of all in-house and external trainings of the personnel including the names of the personnel and trainings as well as their costs and assessments. It consists of five steps including creation of the training catalog, planning the trainings on an employee basis and their registration, assessment and reporting.

Performance and Career Management

This is the section where performance assessment of the personnel is conducted in their current position and their future career potentials are planned by determining their competence and levels. The aim is to maximize the contribution of the personnel to the company.

Application Tracking

The aim is to track and record personnel selection and placement of the company and increase efficiency in meeting the requests for new personnel. The process starts with generating request for a new personnel and continues with entry of the applications, performing pre-selection, assessments and placement (recruitment).

Occupational Health and Safety

This is the section where medical visits, health status, treatment and test information of the personnel can be monitored. It is also used to follow-up accident information.

 Also the following sections can be used as standard in the Payroll Module:

Organization Management
This is the section where the structural appearance and hierarchy of the company is established. The Company Information, Workplace Information, Organizational Structure, Staff Structure, Expense Center Information can be defined under this section. 

Customization Transactions
A parametric structure is considered for the company and users to customize the application for themselves and their work system. The parametric structure can be established with the screens such as Company Parameters, Coded Field Definitions, Calculation and Formulation as well as Personal Parameters. 

Security Transactions
This is the section where detailed security transactions can be performed (based on workplace, user, screen and report etc.) and reported.

Personnel Information
This section is used to store personal information of the current personnel and personnel who left the company in a correctly, clearly and chronologically.The following information of the personnel can be recorded: Education and Foreign Languages, Emergency Case, Address, Family, Discipline, Reward, Previous Work Experience, Certificate, Passport & Visa, Debit, Professional Experience, Minimum Subsistence Allowance, Other Information for Accrual.

Auxilliary Transactions
This is the section with auxiliary screens such as Bulk Salary Raises, Bulk Email Updates, Daily Currency Transactions, Automatic Mail Information.