Accrual Applications

Monthly Accrual Transactions (Payroll, Accrual)

This section offers detailed screens where all income, deduction, legal deduction transactions on employees may be performed in legal framework and the consequent legal and other reports may be received. It is possible to perform transactions on a single registry or collectively on registry groups. This section also contains PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control System) and integration options where information such as earnings, deductions and fees can be uploaded to registries collectively. 

Salary, Advance, Additional Earning, Additional Deduction, Fixed Additional Earning, Fixed Additional Deduction, Deduction in Installments, Employer and Individual Insurance information can be entered on these screens and accrual may be performed. Then Payroll Envelopes can be sent to the screen, printed on envelope or sent via e-mail. The Bank Payment Disks can be created and Accounting Integrations may be performed. As a result, Legal (E-Statement, Withholding Tax Statement etc.) and other reports (control reports, abstract reports etc.) are generated. Also further reports can be generated with Dynamic Query.

Personnel Budget

It is possible to form budget models with various simulations on personnel budget and compare these models with actual values and receive detailed reports.

An exemplary report can include a scenario where the company plans to hire 50 personnel in the next 6 months, have 25 hours of overtime and make 5% increase in wages and the result can be calculated.

Leave Transactions

This is the section where all leave information, especially Annual Leave information of the personnel are monitored in detail with monthly working schedules and the leave cards on an employee basis. The transactions such as positive and negative leaves as balance, equivalent wages and group leaves can also be performed. All leave transactions can be performed in this section with the Leave Monitoring screens from the first stage to bulk transactions and reporting. The Suspended Day Maintenance Screen Information allows monitoring of days shifting Seniority and Leave Allowance Dates.

 Also the following sections can be used as standard in the Payroll Module:

Organization Management
This is the section where the structural appearance and hierarchy of the company is established. The Company Information, Workplace Information, Organizational Structure, Staff Structure, Expense Center Information can be defined under this section. 

Customization Transactions
A parametric structure is considered for the company and users to customize the application for themselves and their work system. The parametric structure can be established with the screens such as Company Parameters, Coded Field Definitions, Calculation and Formulation as well as Personal Parameters. 

Security Transactions
This is the section where detailed security transactions can be performed (based on workplace, user, screen and report etc.) and reported.

Personnel Information
This section is used to store personal information of the current personnel and personnel who left the company in a correctly, clearly and chronologically.The following information of the personnel can be recorded: Education and Foreign Languages, Emergency Case, Address, Family, Discipline, Reward, Previous Work Experience, Certificate, Passport & Visa, Debit, Professional Experience, Minimum Subsistence Allowance, Other Information for Accrual.

Auxilliary Transactions
This is the section with auxiliary screens such as Bulk Salary Raises, Bulk Email Updates, Daily Currency Transactions, Automatic Mail Information.